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Violet Female Labrador

Bayside Labs Wave Length “Violet”

Sire: FC AFC JJ Of Red Rock MH

Dam: Bayside’s Blue Water Sprite SH, Derby List, QAA

Breeder: Debra Ziegler

Violet RJ

RJ at Red River Trial, Tx.


Health Clearances

OFA Hips  Excellent LR-261922E51F-P-VPI

OFA Elbows Normal LR-EL 109763F51-P-VPI

Eyes PRA-RC Clear GENSOL #35106

Copper Toxicosis A & B Clear GENSOL#305104  & #305105

EIC Clear GENSOL#305107

CNM Clear GENSOL #305108

D-Locus Clear GENSOL #305102

E-Locus Carries for Yellow GENSOL#305103

“Violet” has 46 FC AFC titles behind her in 5 generations, several 2x’s National Winners and Canadian FC AFC titles. Lots of energy and a super great attitude for a working female. Violet is working toward her QAA. She is said to “always brings her lunch to work everyday and ready to get started” . Quote from Tim Milligan who did her basics.  Violet in training now with Ty Rorem. Check back for more updates on her career titles.


4/21         Jam in the Qualifying at Red River RC, Texas

7/31/21   3rd in Qualifying at Minnesota Iron Range RC, Minnesota

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