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Bayside dogs recieve new Titles!

Hi, Deb,
I hope that all is well at Bayside Labs!
Annie and Gail got some new titles, and so I wanted to share their pictures, and the good news:
Annie- National Association of Canine Scent Work NW 3 Elite- 3rd place overall
Annie- AKC Advanced Therapy Dog(100 visits)
Gail- AKC Therapy Dog(one level above Novice- 50 visits)
Thanks for taking a chance with us. They are 2 awesome dogs!!
Nancy Frank

Abigale and Annie Therapy Dogs

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AKC register’d our Kennel name as BAYSIDELABS

We have slightly changed our name from Bayside to BAYSIDELABS.  Due to the fact that numerous folks are using Bayside as their kennel name these days, we wanted to separate ourselves from others so there’s no confusion any longer!  You can know it’s ours breeding now if it stated BAYSIDELABS in the registered AKC name.   No one else can use this Kennel name on their dogs.

Les and Deb Ziegler

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Bayside’s Ruling Empress JH NEW TITLE!

NEW TITLE !!!! Bayside’s Ruling Empress JH

“Zoe” earns her JUNIOR HUNTER TITLE!  Congratulations to Ron and Dori Mafrici!

Photo show is of her 1st JH ribbon! “Zoe” (Teaser X Trooper) See hunting gallery for more pics of Zoe!

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