Results 2013-2014

RESULTS 2013-2014


Hills Ferry HRC Los Banos, Ca. 3/8-9/2014

JUNIOR TITLE!  Bayside Short Circuit “FUSE” bred by Bayside

Oregon Retriever Trial Club, Portland, OR 7/13/14, 1 Senior leg pass

Salem Retriever Trial Club  Gervais, OR 7/19/14 1 Senior leg pass

Redwood Empire Smith River, Ca. 8/22-24/14 2 Senior leg passes

 SENIOR TITLE! for FUSE 4 for 4 tests! Owner Don Flowers


Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “JUICE” Owner: Claud Chanley

Master pass making for her 32 Master pass. 5th leg towards this years Master National, held in Corning CA.

juicebyrock  20140615_155109

Marin Retriever Club 3/15-16 held at Corning, CA Double Header

Juice passes her 33nd MH leg and Qualifies for 2014 MASTER NATIONAL

Lassen Retriever Club 4/3-6 held at Corning, CA Double Header

Juice passes her 34th and 35th MH legs Handled by Deb

Indy passes her 1st 2 Master legs handled by Deb


Oregon Hunting Retriever Club held at Sauvie Island Portland, OR Double Header

Juice passes MH 36 and 37

Indy passes MH 3 and 4th legs

Ginger passes Senior Hunter 1 and 2 legs owner John Adams, handled by Deb

Logan passes Junior Hunter  1 and 2 legs owner John Sechser, handled by Deb

Ruby passes Junior Hunter  1 and 2 legs owner Ken Taber, handled by Deb

Umpqua Valley Retriever Club held at Glide, OR.

Juice passes MH 38 and 39th leg

Indy passes 5 and 6 legs


Qualifies for the Master National 2014!



CK’s Miss Indian Giver MH

Ginger passes 3 and 4th Senior Leg handled by Deb



Diamond P Ginger SH

Logan passes 3 and 4th Junior Leg handled by Deb

New Junior Hunter Title!

Logan season 2013-2014

Diamond P Sir Logan Sure Shot Sechser

Ruby passes 3 and 4th Junior Leg handled by owner Ken Taber

New Junior Title!


Nyroca’s Gem of Fox Mt. Ruby


Qualifies her for the Master National 2014!

Firemarks Holy Terra  owner Pat DeNardo Handled by Deb


 Redwood Empire, Smith River, CA.

Juice 2 Master passes 40 and 41

Indy 2 Master passes 7 and 8 passes

Fuse 2 Senior passes and Senior Hunter TITLE!

Ike 2 Senior passes

Ginger passes 5 and 6 Senior Leg handled by Les

Zoie 1 Senior pass

Chase 2 Junior passes

Norman 1 Junior pass

Bayside’s Short Circuit  “Fuse”




Fuse 1 yr.

Sire: FC Moonstones Ignites on Impact MH “Flint”

Dam: Bayside’s Little Fish Big Pond JH “Minnow”


Fuse is a live wire and nearly 2 years now has settled much with training. She is excited about everything.  Her pedigree supports 16 FC/AFC’s including NFC Ebonstar Lean Mac top and bottom.  No wonder she is energenic in the basic game so far.  She currently has a JUNIOR HUNTER Title and recently obtained her Senior Hunter title in 4 for 4 events. Watch for updates on Fuse as she is trained for hunt tests and field trials!

Fuse now owned by Don Flowers and his family and an active gundog at the hunting club

Samsungphone 285

Sagehens Retriever Club Deb is judging Master 9/20-21/14

IKE  Owner Ken Taber  3rd Senior leg! Handled by Les

Chase Owner James Bartell  4 X 4 and JUNIOR HUNTER TITLE!


Bari  Owner Sal Rizzo  2 X 2 Junior Legs!

Samsungphone 248

Slick  Owner Frank Nachman 1st Junior Leg!

Dogs were Handled by Les. Congratulations to everyone!

2014 Master National Corning, CA. 10/9/14 to 10/19/14 Hall of Fame!

6 challenging tests and Juice takes Hall of Fame with her 3rd Master National Pass.

MNRC 2014 Juice_Deb

The Master National Retriever Club awardes Debra the

Women’s Challenge Trophy for the 2nd time!

2013 Results

Copper State HRC  2/7-10


Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” 2 Master Passes Qualified Master National!!

Seasides “Bella” of the Ball 3rd Master Pass


Hills Ferry RC 3/9-10

Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” TEST DOG Handler Jordan Taelor

Seasides “Bella” of the Ball 4th Master Pass

Marin RC 3/14-17

Marin RC Master results 2013

Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” 2 Master Passes Handler Deb

Sawtooths No Foolin’ “Joker” 2 Master Passes Handler Les Ziegler

CK’s Ready to Roll “Remi” 1st Master Pass Handler Deb /Owner Kippy Stroud

Seasides “Bella” of the Ball 5th Master Pass TITLE!!! New Master Hunter!


Congratulations to owners April and Sheldon Russell! (Handled by DEB)

Nor. Cal. GRC 3/23-24

Bayside Labs Title Ribbons

Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” Master Pass

Seasides “Bella” at the Ball 6th Master Pass

Downtown “Abbey” Berkeley Junior Pass

Lassen RC 4/6-7

Downtown “Abbey” Berkeley 2 Junior Passes Handler Les Ziegler- Owner/Gardner Combs

Abbey JH Title

Bayside Lloyd’s “Raven” 2 Junior Passes- Owner/Handler John Lloyd

John and Raven JH Title

Sierra Nevada RC Fallon, NV. 5/2-5


Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” Master Pass owner Claud and Janice Chanley

Diamond P “Ginger” Junior Pass both days! 2 Junior legs!

Umpqua Valley RC Glide, OR. 6/15-16

Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” Master Pass

Diamond P Ginger Junior Passes 6/15 & 16

Jucie_Ginger Umpqua Vly 2013


Congratulations to Owners John & Sylvia Adams!

Redwood Empire RC  Reservation Ranch Smith River, CA. 8/22-25

Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet “Juice” 2 Master passes Both TESTS!!!!!

Bayside’s Short Curcuit “Fuse” 1st Junior Pass

Nyrocas Ike of Fox Mountain “Ike” 1st Junior Pass

Smith River results 8_13


Marin RC 8/31 & 9/1 Suisun City, CA Denverton Rd. CRTA property

Debra Judging Master B Stake

Bayside’s Short Curcuit “Fuse” 2 Junior passes! Handled by Les Ziegler

Nyrocas Ike of Fox Mountain “IKE” 2 Junior passes Handled by Les Ziegler

Sagehens RC 9/2013


Nyrocas Ike of Fox Mountain “IKE” 4th pass and Junior Hunter Title!!! Handled by Owner Ken Taber.  Congratulations!!!! Well done!