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We had a great year for success!

Nor Cal 3/17/18

“Jetty” Master Hunter Title Owner Pat DeNardo /Handler Deb Ziegler

“Otis” Master Hunter Pass 3 Handler /Deb Ziegler

“Levi” Master Hunter Pass 1 for 2018 Master National /Handler Deb

Lassen RC 4/4-7/18

“Otis” Master Hunter Pass 4 /Handler Deb

“Levi” Master Hunter Pass 2 & 3 for Master Nationals/ Handler Deb

“Brandy” Junior Hunter Pass 1/ Handler Deb

“Zoe” Junior Hunter Pass 1/ Handler Deb

Rogue Valley RC 4/14-15/18

“Otis” Master Hunting Title! Handler Deb

“Levi” Master Hunter Pass 4 for Master National/Handler Deb

“Brandy” Junior Hunter Pass 2/Handler Deb

Marin RC 4/27-29

“Levi” Master Hunter Pass 5 for Master Nationals/Handler Deb

“Brandy” Junior Hunter Pass 3 & 4 Title!!/Handler Deb

“Zoe” Junior Hunter Pass 2 & 3/Handler Deb

“Bodie” Junior Hunter Pass 1 & 2/Handler-Owner/ Lance

Sierra Nevada 5/4-6/18

“Levi” Master Hunter pass 6 in a row for Master National Qualify!

“Brandy” Junior Hunter pass 5 New Title!

“Zoe” Junior Hunter pass 4 New Title!

“Bodie” Junior Hunter pass 3 & 4 New Title!/Handler-Owner Lance

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