Season 2014-2015  report

Season 2014-2015  report


Bayside’s Hurricane Camille “Camy”

Cami 1st season

Cami and Sally opening day

Cami 1st


Bayside’s Short Circuit FUSE in the blind


Don Flowers and Bayside’s Short Circuit “FUSE”

Samsungphone 285


Fuse on the Quad and at the shoreline

Fuse 2

Gardner Comb’s Abbey


Gregg Morse’s ‘Reese’ 1st hunting season


“Reese”, Greg Morse sent these pics of this season


Ike picked up a few birds this season, his 1st duck hunt!

Ike Ike

Dan Mayberry with Bayside’s Gusty Winds “GUS”


Jeff Hume’s “Zoey” 4 mos. old

Zoey presto_blue

Gus with owner Dan Mayberry (left) and friend and cousin on the Oregon shoot 11/2014.  Dan reports, “Pretty good for a youngster, Gus didn’t retrieve all these birds but he did pick up about 1/2 of them.  Not quite 1 year old on this shoot. ” (Minnow X Joey pup)



Gus on the look out.  Dan reports, “…as soon as I start blowing my duck call he starts scouting the sky….”


Samsungphone 253

Samsungphone 250

Dan reports “Gus has well over 100 retrievers now his very 1st season of hunting and is just 1 year of age.  With weather conditions of 16 degrees on some days, he did pretty good.”





Dave Schruba’s “Sarah” with her 1st Sprig this season…. (Nalu X Joker) trained at Bayside (Minnow X Joker pup)

Sarha wsprig

Ken Taber’s “Ruby” at her 1st hunt and bird retrieved

Rubys 1stbird

Dan Mayberry’s “Gus” (Minnow X Joey) hunting Oregon…..trained at Bayside

Gus 2014 season

Bayside’s Bari by the Sea “Bari”  owner Sal Rizzo (Bonnie X Johnny)

Samsungphone 256

Sal and Bari on her 1st day at the duck club season 2014

Samsungphone 248

Bari in the boat at the club

Bari Rizzo 1st season

Early dawn and waiting, such a good girl Bari!

Bari Rizzo

CK’S MISS INDIAN GIVER MH with new owner Rich Poletti, 1st time hunting together.

Samsungphone 305

Samsungphone 867

“RON” a Joker son, hunting with owner Mike Smith of Nevada

Ron with bird

Joker Daughter doesn’t limit herself to hunting ducks only… Arron Lloyd owner

Samsungphone 777


Bayside is dedicating this season 2013-2014 to Morrie and Andy Stone

The photo was taken in 2011 and sent to us by Andy with the caption: ” The Hunting is Slow but the Lovin’ is Big! ” (Joey pup)

Sadly we lost Andy to cancer in Feb. 2014.

Morrie to new home

Morrie now resides with Ray Burbank in Fallon, NV.  Ray looks forward to hunting pheasants over Morrie in the future. Trained at Bayside.


Coal age 11 yrs.

Dan Mayberry’s Coal still hunting age 11 years old. (Bart X Flyer)

Samsungphone 730

Dave Ginilo’s Sally and guest.  Sally is Minnow’s Mother and a Martin daughter. (left)

Samsungphone 740

Samsungphone 148

Samsungphone 083


Brie goosehunt

Rex Horney and Bree, trained at Bayside, not quite 1 year old yet, on her 1st hunt after training here at Bayside. Below, Bree hunting with a buddy.

Brie hunts geese



Abbey’s owner Gardner Combs reports that Abbey’s year went pretty well. She even retrieved a triple shot this season. (Joey pup)

Abbey_s First Hunt


Sheldon Russell with the Bayside dogs hunting at Clearcreek 2013 (Remi, Bella, Juice & Macky)

Rago's son with Carla (trained at Bayside)

Kids love hunting too.  Here’s Dom Rago with his dog Carla (trained at Bayside).

Logan season 2013-2014

Logan did well his 1st season out.  After training until late into October here at Bayside he went right out hunting his very first time and did a terrific job for owner John Sechser. Logan went back into training after the season and went 4 for 4 on his Junior Hunter Title!

View from Logans blind

View from Logan’s blind


Logan 3rd and 4th Junior legs and JUNIOR HUNTER TITLE!


Aaron Lloyd and Raven (Minnow X Joker daughter) didn’t loose any time hunting this year.  She retrieved all these birds.  Raven is a Junior Hunter and was handled to her Title by owner and Aaron’s Dad John Lloyd.

Dom and Carla opening day 2013

Dom Rago with Carla again with a great day!

Aaron and Raven2014season

Pretty special hunting season for Aaron and Raven.  Greenhead day for sure! (Joker daughter)

Bretta jokerdaughter 2014

Hi Debbie- Here’s a picture of Bretta you trained for me a few years ago.  What a great hunting dog she has turned out to be. (Joker daughter)- Neal Hester

Dom and Carla Ducks 2013 opener

Guess who again?  You got it Dom and Carla.


Les and Bohn with Leif (trained by Bayside) Not a bad season.  Leif is up to retrieving over 750 birds in his short career so far.  Owner states that Leif has never lost a bird yet.


Sometimes mornings are just too pretty and Leif is watching out for birds.


Les and Presto enjoyed their invites for hunts at Colusa.  Presto who has 2 Master Hunter legs towards her Master Hunter Title thinks that hunting is way more fun than running hunt tests!


Presto ( NFC Two River’s Lucky Willie X FC-AFC Emerald Bay’s Abbeycadabby) also enjoys pheasant hunting.  Here pictured with Deb after a fun day in the fields at the Clear Creek pheasant club.

Dave and Sarha 2013

Dave Shuruba and Sarah (Joker daughter from Debbie Chun) after a good day at the hunting club.


Ginger and Left at the Clearcreek Sport Club training and hunting pheasants. John Adams is the owner of Ginger and Kippy Stroud-Swingle owner Lefty.


Leif and Bohn Townsend of Fallon, NV.  not bad for California.  Leif was trained at Bayside.

kenny_gunner  kennygunnerduck  kennygunner2014

Kenny with Gunner (Flint X Minnow) at his 1st duck hunt.


Kenny shared these photos of Gunner who also enjoys pheasant hunting!

Gunner pheasants


Golden pheasant and Presto from a morning hunt at the Clearcreek Sport Club.

Sage 2013season

Sage (Flint X Minnow) owner Ed Mauer, completed her gundog training here at Bayside.

Marysville 11-13

Marysville, CA birds off the road.


Les and Presto

Camy_Dave endofseaon

It’s a wet job, but somebody has to do it.  Bayside Hurricane Camille with owner Dave Ginilo picking up decoys at the end of season 2014.


Deb working Ike in the fields on pheasants Jan 2014


Bretta hunting up pheasants for Neal Hester




Jordan and Presto with a goose this season.  Jordan’s 1st time to duck hunt.

Les_Ike hunt 2_14

Ike and Les getting up some birds.  Were still hoping to shoot a few more before season closes.