Season 2011-12 & Season 2012-13

“Birds in the sky” Season 2011-12 & 2012-2013leif lookout

Leif on the look out….owner Bohn Towsend of Nevada reports that his dogs 1st year hunting over he’s retrieved 150 ducks so far 2010-2011.   


Tiffany Johnson and her dog 1 yr. old yellow lab Dixie, trained with us. Picture of Dixie’s 1st time out duck hunting.

Jett Opener 2011-12 season hunting in Marysville Owner Griff Towle

Sutter limits Jan 2013

Dan Mayberry and Coal

Dom and Carla Ducks 2013 opener  Dom and Carla opening day 2013

Dom and Carla Rago


Sarah a Joker daughter




Larry Allen’s Luna

Jordan's Thanksgiving Turkey

Kids enjoy a turkey shoot.  Good shot Jordan!