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Training Labrador Retrievers

Bayside Labradors Training Programs

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Training is essential in owning and living with dogs.

There is no substitution for a well behaved dog.  We all want a companion with which we can live.  Whether it is basic obedience or gundog training you will need control to enjoy your dog. For those of you who purchased a puppy from us and do not want or don’t have time to raise and train your own pups we will recommend trainers in your area.  A good training and development program can take your pup from a baby to a well managed and trained adult.
All the dogs must first have basic obedience to start any of our programs.  Some of you may only want the basics, others may want to continue on into hunting with your dogs and will need to go on to a gundog program while others may want to do therapy dog work and will advance by getting your dog a CGC (Canine Good Citizen badge).

The following programs can help your canine companion advance into a more finished dog with which you can work.

Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Gundog, & Hunt Test Competition. 

The programs take 2-3 months for obedience  CGC

Gundogs – 4 month program

Basic Handling of Gundogs 6 months

Extended programs offer competition in AKC hunt test programs. 

 Junior Hunter is first level is 4-5 months 

Senior Title is second level and would be additional 6 months

Master level title takes 2 years to obtain a Title . 

You may want to even learn to be competitive at the AKC Hunt Test levels.  We will help you get to Junior, Senior, and Master with your dog and on to Master National levels.  We will refer you to good trainers who teach you to run your dog . We no longer train dogs for others. 

Les and Deb have sold their training facility and relocated in Montana. Our direction will be leaning more into our quality breeding program. We are happy to consult with you if you have a Bayside Labrador. 

Labrador Retrievers Performing after Graduation

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