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AKC Hunt Test Program

AKC Hunt Tests have 3 different levels. 

Junior Hunter, (beginner)

A dog shall be tested on a minimum of four single marks, two on land and two on water.  No more than two marks may be thrown in a series. Dogs shall be steady but may be brought to the line on leash with a flat buckle collar.  The handler may restrained gently by a slip cord, or handler may hold the collar until sent to retriever. Dogs must retrieve and deliver to hand.  Failure to do so would not be passable.

Dogs shall receive 4 passes in order to obtain a title.

Senior Hunter, (intermediate)

“Ike” Senior Hunter

Dogs shall be tested in a minimum of four hunting situations that shall include 1 land blind and 1 water blind, one double land mark and one double water mark. There shall be at least one diversion shot and at least one hunting situation shall include a walk up. In Senior a double mark is defined as two marks presented before the dog is sent to retrieve.  Blinds shall not be run between marks in Senior Tests. Dog shall be steady at the line, no collars allowed, but a controlled break or creeping will result in a lower score.  Senior dogs must Honor a working dog at least once.

Dog must receive 4 passes in order to obtain a Senior Title with an existing Junior Hunter Title.

Master Hunter, (advanced)

Otis Master Test Dog

Dogs shall be tested in a minimum of five hunting situations as follows: multiple land marks, multiple water marks, multiple marks on land and water, a land blind and a water blind (at least one shall be a double blind in any combination) There shall be at least three series. At least one of the series shall include a walk up. Diversion birds and or diversion shots must be used at least once. In Master tests, in at least two multiple marking situations the dogs’ marking? Memory will be tested with at least three falls before the dog is sent to retrieve. The (3) falls must be presented  before a dog is sent to retrieve any mark or blind.  During a double set of marks (2 falls) Master judges shall include additional elements of testing, i.e. walkup, diversion bird, diversion shot, blind/s etc. in testing the dog’s abilities.

A dog must receive 5 passes at Master to obtain a title with an existing Senior Title.

Please go to www.akc.org to download a rule book for hunt tests under field events.

Deb Joker MNH

Master National Competition (annual event)

How to Qualify for the AKC Master National
Member Clubs
Each year, clubs across the U.S. pay an annual fee to be a member club in the Master National Retriever Club (MNRC). When a dog passes or qualifies at a weekend Master hunt test held by an MNRC member club, that qualifying score counts towards qualifying the dog to run in the annual Master National event. Only Master hunt tests held by MNRC member clubs in good standing count towards qualifying for the annual MN event.

Qualifying Scores
To qualify for the Master National event, a dog (with the exception below) must have a total of 6 qualifications each year in the Master category from a MN member club(s). In addition, every dog running in the MN event must also have an MH title from the AKC.