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Service / Therapy Program Training Labardor Retrievers


Labradors became extremely successful as Guide Dogs  and Therapy Dogs

The Labrador Retriever is so versatile they are used for a variety of tasks they are currently used more than any other breed as Guide Dogs and Therapy Dogs.

Labrador Retrievers are so easily trained and display the proper type of temperament, gentle and calm, as well as are confident enough to perform their duties under stressful situations.

Therapy Dog International (TDI)

Dogs need to pass a test to determine if they are suitable to work inside rehabilitation hospitals and nursing homes. Bayside Labrador Retrievers have been used as Service and Therapy dogs all over the United States and foreign countries.  Our dogs show a kindness necessary to work with people and a calmness required to work in and out of medical facilities.

Bayside Labradors donated several breeding’s to Canine Companions for Independence in their early development years.  At one time our “Martin”, our male Labrador, was the leading outside Labrador sire for them.  When outside Labrador females would come to us for a breeding we recommended that the owners donate one puppy from each litter when bred to our dogs.  This supported the foundation initially and helped the community, while giving us a huge amount of data on our stud dogs productions outside the hunt test realm.

“Hobie” pictured below sire one litter for CCI.

Therapy dogs “Hobie” and “Shadow” relax before visiting patients at El Camino Hospital. Above, patient Raima Gerlach strokes “Hobie” while they make their rounds.

“Hobie” is Bayside’s Windcraft and “Shadow” is Bayside’s Spirit of America. Both dogs are owned by Barbara Naylor of Los Altos, CA.

Barbara lost Hobie aged 12 years, who was so close and dear to her heart.   Below is the complete Resolution from the Board of Directors, but this quote MUST be repeated:

“WHERE AS, the board would like to honor a love story– between a woman and and extraordinary dog; between a yellow Lab with a temperament of an angel and the patience he made smile, and between the hospital’s caregivers and the pet therapy volunteers — one human and two canines—who have faithfully visited the hospital for the past 9 years. “

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Bayside’s Windcraft “HOBIE” Certified Therapy Dog




U-CD Thomas AKC-CDX, ASCNA-CDX, FDE, TDI-AV, TT  1st runner up of the first AKC Ace Award for Outstanding Assistance Dog in the country. (sire: Martin )




Our grandson became severely allergic to dogs around 2 years of age. He had such a reaction our daughter reluctantly had to find a new home for Drifter. With their hearts saddened, Drifter came to live with us sometime back.

Just before Christmas we had a call from a girl 18 yrs. old with Cerebral Palsy.  Her name is Lisa. She is going off to college (with a 4.0 GPA) and wanted a social/service dog to go with her. Yesterday they came to meet Drifter. He took to her immediately, as if he already knew her. Lisa’s Mom and Dad were here too.

Instantly, when I let him out of the pen he ran right up to Lisa and put his head on her lap and sat in front of her, gazing at her with eye contact we all know about. He had never met her before. She has a motorized wheel chair and he heeled right in position trotting along side her, tail wagging, as they cruised up and down our street. We got out retrieving articles and she told him to fetch them up for her, he did, delivering to hand.  She didn’t tell him to lay down in the picture he just did.

When they got ready to take him home they let down the lift on the handicap van door and she told him to sit.  She wheeled herself inside the van and called him to her, he trotted into the van and sat at her side.  They pressed a button and the wheelchair access door closed.  He never even looked at it, as if he’d heard it many times before.

Les and I shed a couple tears when both Lisa’s parents gave us tight hugs before leaving. But we understand that Drifter’s now doing what he must have been meant to do.

Lisa and Drifter


Here is a picture of Zulin with his new person from Arizona.
In addition to all the normal retrieving, opening doors and turning on/off lights,
Zulin is such a smart boy that they taught him something special!!
He knows how to vacuum!!

Jesper in advanced training 5/21/05.
If all goes well he will meet his special person in November.
Here is a picture of him at Special Olympics right after he
finished interacting with a special child. He was one happy boy!

Jorge Alvarado, Laura and Jesper in service.

Gracie Girl V CGC,CD,CDX,UD
Delta Dog Society (certified therapy dog) Photo of 1st place UD ribbon with owner.

Owners: Linda and Dick Whisler /Sired by MARTIN.

Dogs in Training for Therapy and Canine Good Citizen



Jordan working with KOBE at Walmart


Kobe laying down in Walmart while we shop

Abigale and Annie Therapy Dogs


Kenai CGC certificate