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Training Labrador Retrievers Facility / Grounds

Bayside Labrador Retriever training facility

Developed with gundog training in mind


Bayside Labrador Retriever training facility is on 70 acres of rolling to flat terrain training fields.  Our ponds are developed with gundog training in mind and a smaller one to introduce young dogs and puppies to shallow water, swimming and boat riding.


The kennels are all indoor and provide shelter from the elements of summer heat and winter chills.  A cool mist system covers the kennels in the summer months and we can close it up with heat in the winter.  Our dogs are normally on the dog truck during the day while training and then taken to the kennel at the end of day. The facility provides individual new kennel runs of cement and cyclone so your dog can rest without having the stress of “bunking with others”.  Dri-decking is provided as well as crates so we can offer a healthy environment for your dog while he is staying with us.


Bayside Labrador Retriever has a large exercise yard off the kennel building and dogs can stretch out together if they like.  Here at Bayside it is our routine to allow each dog a walk at the end of the day before being put away for the evening. We believe that this allows the dogs to have a relationship with us outside of daily training, therefore enhancing the time we do spend training with him.

Bayside Labrador Retrievers feed a premium quality dog food for adults and a large breed premium puppy food for those under 12 months of age.


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